Want to improve your balance? There are few better ways than to try out a slackline!

While everyone knows what a trampoline is, not everyone is familiar with the slackline. A slackline is kind of like a tightrope, but it’s considerably wider and sways from side to side much more. Because you’re constantly having to rebalance on a slackline, you increase your proprioception. Not only will your balance get better, but your body will be more ready for any rebalancing issues during a sport or throughout the day.

Slacklining hasn’t been around nearly as long as tightrope walking, but it has a strong following among rock climbers. Gymnasts, football players, and just about anyone who plays a sport can improve their performance by mastering a slackline. It’s also just a lot of fun for anyone who stops by our trampoline park!

Like our Battle Beam, the slackline can be a place for people to challenge each other. But it’s not about knocking people off; it’s more about seeing just how far you can get on the slackline before you fall off. (Or, if you’re really good, you can also see how long you can stay on or how many times you can go back and forth.) Worried about falling? Don’t be. The slackline is situated right over a foam pit filled with thousands of cushy, foam cubes so that you’ll always have a soft place to land.

The slackline is a great way to help you improve balance while having fun at the same time. Read more about its history right here!