One of the most appealing parts of our indoor trampoline park is that there’s so much to do. Yes, we have over 13,000 square feet of trampolines, but even the most avid trampoliner takes some time off to try something else out while they’re here. Maybe it’s some time in the foam pit, maybe it’s enjoying the air bag jump. There’s truly something for everyone.

Another major attraction we offer is our huge Play Zone.  The Play Zone is three floors of fun, filled with slides, ball pits, inflatables, and all sorts of fun activities that really appeal to the younger crowd. It’s an amazing indoor playground that’s temperature controlled year ‘round. No more burning legs on the metal slide that’s been out in the sun all day!

The Play Zone is generally meant for younger kids, and there’s a 54” height limit to enter. But what about the youngest kids, such as those who are three and younger? We can’t deny that things can get a bit wild on them every so often. Even when older kids are being relatively calm, their sheer size (and the fact that they’re flying through the air!) can mean that not every space is going to be safe for the youngest children during our most busy times. Don’t worry, we have them covered! There’s a special spot in our Play Zone for kids three and under to have the time of their lives!

The Play Zone is a wonderful place for younger kids to have a great time, whether they’re there for a friend’s birthday party or are looking for a place to get away from an older sibling! Stop by our fun center to see how your child fits right in!