Trampolines have been around for decades, but they’ve never been more fun than they are at our indoor trampoline park!

While we have tons of activities here at Jump Off, including extreme dodgeball and an amazing foam pit, there’s no doubt that our main attraction is our indoor trampoline park. Nearly half of our entire facility is covered in trampolines; that means 13,000 square feet of bounceable surfaces. We could go on and on about how extreme trampolines are great exercise, but there’s one big reason that kids of all ages stop by every day: it’s just plain fun! With over 50 trampolines (including angled ones that deliver an entirely new level of fun), there’s room for everyone to test their jumping skills.

Our trampoline place is great for all ages, from under three-years-old all the way up to teens. It’s the ultimate kids’ birthday party place around, whether you’re in Stratford, Manchester, or anywhere in between. Not only are there lots of activities everywhere you turn, but there’s also the Jump Off Cafe that can supply you with food and drink for your party. This makes your child’s birthday party as easy as possible!

Of course, trampolines can also be a great training tool for many sports. It not only increases endurance and flexibility, but also improves agility and proprioception. If you’re involved in a sport that requires your body to leave the ground, such as gymnastics, dancing, or diving, our trampoline gym can help make you more aware of your body and how it can move in mid air.

Whether you’re stopping by for an afternoon of fun or are training to become a better athlete, our trampoline park is ready to send you flying into the air again and again. Pick your location and stop by today!