There’s no doubt about it…trampolines are great fun! That’s why we created our indoor trampoline park, so that kids could have a safe place to jump around and use up all of their stored energy. It’s a great place for them to spend some time whether it’s a playdate or a kid’s birthday party. Ask the kids what they think of our trampoline park and “fun” is always at the top of their descriptive words.

But trampolines can also be serious business. They’re an excellent way to help increase balance no matter what sport you’re involved in. In fact, the first trampolines were developed by gymnasts who were looking for a better way to practice tumbling. This “rebound tumbler” helped many Olympians improve their balance and discover how to change the way their bodies moved through the air.

While trampolines are mostly known for fun today, they still serve a very important role as a  training tool. That’s where our High-Performance trampolines come into play. These trampolines are for our customers who want to improve the balance and alter the way in which they interact with the environment. The most obvious type of sport would be gymnastics, since there’s a close correlation to tumbling. But they’re also excellent training tools for dancers who might be looking for an environment to practice jumps that don’t involve landing on a hard stage floor. Even football players can benefit as they discover the best ways to fall in order to avoid injury.

High-Performance trampolines are what you’re looking for when you want to make the most of a trampoline experience. We have two Olympic-sized trampolines with padded walls, and they’re up to Olympic specifications as well. Come in and check them out!