Without a doubt, we’re an active place. With thousands of square feet devoted to our trampoline world and thousands more dedicated to other active fun spaces like our fun zone, there’s always something active for kids to be doing here at our indoor trampoline park. One of the most common things we hear parents say is “they’ll sleep well tonight!”

But even kids get exhausted after a while chasing their friends from one trampoline to the next, and that’s where our Game Zone comes in. Instead of just crashing on a chair or bench, they can relax for a while and play some games! We have over 25 arcade games and other games of skill (like Skee Ball) that will keep kids busy when they need a little break from the constant exercise they’re getting. All of these are excellent ways to keep the kids active and social even when they’re not bouncing around. It also gives kids a chance to win tickets to turn in for some great prizes we keep at our exchange center.

Of course, if you’re an adult who’s staying to watch over your kids but don’t feel like bouncing with them, you could also spend some time trying your hand at a few of these games. We bet you can find at least one that you just can’t seem to keep your hands off! (How quickly can you win that pink teddy bear?)

No matter how long you spend with us, just remember that we’re Jump Off Trampoline Park and Fun Zone. We have something for everyone, and look forward to seeing you here for a kids’ birthday party or just to spend the afternoon. See you soon!