The world if full of hard surfaces. Doors, floors, walls, and most objects you encounter every day are going to hurt if you bump into them or have them thrown at you. That’s what makes a foam pit so fun, because it’s a place where you can jump in and everything around you is soft and comfy!

Falling on a trampoline is fun, but there are times when you’d rather not bounce back and instead just enjoy the soft surfaces as they surround you. That’s where foam pits come in. You can move around all you want, fall forward, fall back, or just enjoy laying on a soft bed of foam.

Here at Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park & Fun Zone, we have over 5,000 foam cube for your enjoyment. Unlike a traditional ball pit, foam pit cubes stay right where you put them and don’t go rolling all over the building, posing tripping hazards to others. Foam pits are also a lot more fun to fall into, because there’s no doubt that they’re a whole lot softer!

A foam pit is fun for anyone who wants to jump in. Practice your aerial tricks and land safely every time, or simply spread out your arms and head back-first into the soft cushions. It’s a great place to spend some time when you’re a bit worn out from all of our extreme trampolines.

No matter your age, the ball pit can be a fun place to experience freefall without hurting yourself. Stop by for an hour, or two, or three! We’re also one of the top kids’ party venues in Stratford and Manchester, so be sure to pick you location and stop by soon!