There are a couple of things wrong with traditional gym-based dodgeball. First of all, you can only move in two dimensions, with very limited jumping involved. Second, falling on a gym floor hurts! Sure, you might avoid getting hit, but you end up slamming your knee right onto the hard wood.

Imagine instead that you’re not only able to fall to the floor but encouraged to! That’s what makes extreme dodgeball so fun, because you can leap out of the way 

without so much fear of what your body might experience when it lands. If that means diving backward, great!

 If it means landing on your elbows, fine! And if it means jumping six feet into the air and then bringing the hurt down on the person who threw that last ball at you, so be it!

Trampoline dodgeball is, to put it bluntly, extremely fun. You’re surrounded by dozens of trampolines, both underneath you and on the sides. There’s also padding all around, so if you don’t end up landing on a trampoline and bouncing back, you’ll always end up landing on something soft. It’s great fun for all ages, whether young kids are just bouncing around having fun or if there are adult teams who want to get together to practice. Oh, and if you’re here for a trampoline birthday party, your group will be treated to exclusive access to the extreme dodgeball court for 15 minutes so that an official game can be organized without any interruptions.

Whether you’re soaring through the air or falling on your back, it’s all good fun here at Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park & Fun Zone. We have two amazing locations in Stratford and Manchester, so find your nearest one and stop by today!