1. What’s A Slack Line?

    Without a doubt, our trampoline park is the biggest draw to both our Manchester and Stratford locations. And when people think about us, they’re more likely to talk about us as “the trampoline place” more than highlighting any other feature. But if you take a look at our name, Jump Off Indoor …Read More

  2. Welcome Our New Manchester Trampoline Park!

      There’s no doubt about it, it feels good to open a business. When we opened our Stratford location, it felt incredible to open the doors and invite everyone into our trampoline park. While we love opening for business every day, nothing can match the thrill of that grand opening. So we decided …Read More

  3. How Trampoline Parks Beat Other Kids’ Party Places

    When you read the title of this article, the first thing you might think to yourself is “of course they’re going to be on the side of a trampoline park...they own one!” Well, it’s true that we do prefer trampoline parks, but you have to remember that we could have started up any of the other…Read More

  4. Where Did Trampoline Parks Come From?

    We bet that every one of you reading this has always been aware of trampolines, and you haven’t lived in a world where they didn’t exist. But have you ever stopped to think about where they came from, how they came about, and how we got to this point where trampoline parks are so popular? Probab…Read More

  5. Are Indoor Trampoline Parks Safe?

      If you’re a parent, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about the safety of your child. You should be concerned about the safety of your child. And while a few bumps, bruises, and scrapes that they get while learning to ride a bike are a part of growing up, you don’t want them to …Read More

  6. Why Choose a Trampoline Park For Your Kid’s Party Venue?

      Here at Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park and Fun Zone, we’re so happy to welcome families and individuals as they come in for an hour or two (or a day-full) of fun. But there’s no doubt that we’re also hosting a lot of kids’ birthday parties during the week and on the weekends. After all, …Read More

  7. Why Our Trampoline Park Is A Great Place For Teens

    While too many places discourage teens from hanging out, we’re happy to say that our trampoline park has set aside a time for teens to gather, have fun, and get some exercise. It’s time to talk about Teen Night at our indoor trampoline park! What Is It? Teen night is every Friday night from 8 pm…Read More

  8. 8 Health Benefits an Indoor Trampoline Gym Can Give You

    With nearly half of our building being devoted to trampolines, there’s no doubt that we’re a trampoline park above all else. While we love all of the fun options we told you about in our previous blog, there’s something special about trampolining that can’t be matched by other physical activ…Read More

  9. Welcome to Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park & Fun Zone!

    Hey, thanks for stopping by Jump Off’s brand new website. We love being your local trampoline park and are proud to be a part of the Stratford community and beyond. What is Jump Off? Well, first and foremost we’re a trampoline park, but as you’ll find out below there are a number of other acti…Read More