There are many ways for your kids to interact with friends while they’re here at our trampoline park. They might chase each other around on our 13,000 square feet of trampolines, or maybe see who can go further on our slackline. And there’s no doubt that competition can get high on our extreme dodgeball court, where kids bounce from trampoline to trampoline trying to tag each other with soft dodgeballs.  

But nowhere is the competition higher than on our battle beam! Modeled after one of the events on the American Gladiators television show, the battle beam is a one-on-one “combat” competition where two opponents take padded jousting sticks and try to knock the other person off. But don’t worry, nobody is getting hurt. Not only are the jousting sticks padded, but the beams are right over our massive foam pit! So instead of hitting the ground, the only thing awaiting the defeated are 5,000 soft and squishy cubes. It’s almost as fun to lose as it is to win!

The battle beam is yet another attraction at our trampoline gym that helps people exercise and improve their balance, all while having the most fun possible. Whether your kids are here for just an hour of free play or are invited to a friend’s birthday party, they’re sure to have a great time as they challenge their friends to the battle beam. We have two great locations in Stratford and Manchester, so find the nearest one here; we look forward to seeing you!