When most people watch a basketball player dunk, there’s no doubt nearly everyone thinks “I wish I could do that.” But those professional players are either extra tall or have spent years building up their leg muscles. But the fact is, most of us will never know the thrill of dunking on a regulation-height basketball hoop…until now!

With Air Dunk, you’ll have a bit of help. Well, you’ll have a lot of help as you go sailing toward the basket with ball in hand! You don’t have to be NBA height in order to slam dunk the ball, and you don’t have to work on your hard-surface jumping for hours a day, either. All you need is the ability to bounce, and bounce you will when you use the potential energy found in our trampoline springs to get you 10 feet or more in the air!


Is it extra? Nope! Air Dunk is included with your paid admission, whether you’re just here for fun or if you’re here with one of our kids’ birthday party packages. You can also use it to improve your agility in the air if you’re training for a sport, or even use it to increase your accuracy if you are a basketball player and want to learn to dunk before you can reach that height on a real basketball court.

Our Air Dunk trampoline might not quite give you the satisfaction of being 6-foot-8-inches and having powerful leg muscles, but it’s really darn close! We have one at both our Manchester and Stratford locations, and we know you’ll love this fun — and safe — activity. Click here to get to a map so that you can find the closes Jump Off Trampoline Park near you!