What is it about freefalling that’s so fun? People go skydiving, they jump from diving boards, they swing from ropes into a lake. Is it the weird feeling we get in our stomach that’s so enticing? The lure to see how many crazy arm movements we can make in the freefall? Or maybe it’s the fact that we’d fully committed to something and there’s no backing out now!

You know what, it doesn’t matter, because we have freefalling down to an art here at Jump Off Indoor Trampoline Park and Fun Zone! Not only can you experience the freefall as you jump up and down on our trampolines, but you can also fall into the foam pit, whether you’re falling from the slackline, the Battle Beam, or jump right in.

But when it comes to falling around here, nothing beats the Air Bag Jump! Instead of jumping into foam, you’ll be jumping onto an air-filled bags that absorb the impact. Pretend to be a Hollywood stunt man. Land on your legs, your back, your front, your side. It’s all good fun because the impact is so little!

Much like the high-performance trampolines, the air bag jump can also be used by those who are serious about their sport. If the air you get from a trampoline isn’t enough to launch you as high as you need to be, do that new flip from the platform and into the air bag.

The Air Bag Jump is great fun for everyone, so be sure to check it out when you’ve stopped by our trampoline world!